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Careers Service  

Careers Service at the Higher School of Humanities in Szczecin was found in September 2004.

Our Mission:

Helping our students and graduates to plan their careers and find appropriate employment.


Careers Services can be found at the Institutes of Higher Education in most Western European countries, the USA, Canada and Australia. The service offers career guidance for students and graduates, provides information about the labour market, employers, occupations, jobs and training periods offers.

The service is used mainly by:
• students and graduates looking for career guidance and information about the job market;
• employers looking for the best candidates for work;
• educational institutions wishing to adjust their programmes in response to the job market

The first Careers Service was found in Poland at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń in October 1993. The network of Careers Services at Polish Universities and Institutes of Higher Education has been cooperating since 1997

The main tasks of our Careers Service:
• career guidance for students and graduates to help them enter job market and develop an active professional life:

- we organize workshops:
How to prepare CVs, covering letters and application forms?
How to prepare for the first interview with an employer?
How to open your own business?
How to find a job using unconventional methods?

- we collect information about the labour market ( companies’ description, leaflets, annual reports, CDs, magazines etc.)
- - we collect information about post-graduate studies, special courses, possibilities to learn abroad

• to help employers to find the most suitable candidates for their vacancies
- we gather information about jobs and training periods offers
- we organize employers’ presentations
- we organize meetings with profession representatives

Careers Service staff:

Monika Sahajdak (Head of Service, careers adviser)
Izabela Fras (Specialist for contacts with employers)
tel.+ 48 91 45 -28 - 440, ext.19
fax:+ 48 91 45 - 48 - 444



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